New knee surgery study shows societal benefits following common OCI procedure

SJBJS logoPRINGFIELD, IL, August 21, 2013– A new study published in the August issue of the Journal of Joint and Bone Surgery quantifies for the first time the benefits of total knee replacement GordonAllan-rounded-wb copyprocedures. The new study, “The Direct and Indirect Costs to Society of Treatment for End-Stage Knee Osteoarthritis,” directly supports the mission of the Orthopedic Center of Illinois (OCI) to help patients live pain-free, active lifestyles and provides important details about one of the most common procedures performed by OCI surgeons.

“Annually, we perform more than 700 knee arthroplasties, or total knee replacements, and we see excellent outcomes for patients of all ages,” said Dr. Gordon Allan, an OCI board certified orthopedic surgeon. “Surgery can be tremendous decision for some patients who are concerned about recovery time and cost. This new study shows us financially what we have known all along anecdotally—patients have a much better quality of life following surgery.”

The study showed the average total cost for a knee replacement surgery and rehabilitation for a Medicare patient was $20,704, however, the indirect savings averaged $39,697. The benefits ranged from $10,000 to $30,000 depending on the patient, and were attributed to the patients’ ability to return to work, fewer missed work days, lower disability payments and higher earnings over the lifespan.

In 2009, U.S. surgeons performed 600,000 total knee replacements with an estimated societal savings of approximately $12 billion. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), demographics for total knee procedures are shifting to increasingly include patients younger than 65 years of age. Due to this shift, demand for total knee procedures is estimated by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to reach 3 million by 2030.

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