Santa Claus at Midwest Rehab

By Joe Williams, Physical Therapist

‘Twas late in September, no snow on the ground,
And baseball season was just winding down
When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But an old man in red, and he sobbed through his tears,

“I’ve injured my back,” said the white bearded man.
“I slipped off my sleigh, and I fell on my can.”
“Why, you’re Santa!” I said with my voice full of cheer
“SHH!” St. Nick scolded. “You cannot tell I’m here.”

“I’ve been all around. I’ve looked at the rest.
But, I’m coming to you, ‘cause I hear you’re the best”
We went right to work. We knew just what to do.
Exercise is a must, and we’ll start in the pool.

He got into the pool, a bit nervous at first,
But he liked that his head needn’t be submersed.
Soon his pain was diminished, just as we’d planned.
We said, “The water is nice, but you live on the land”

So, we moved to the gym, and continued to strive
Weight machines and Free weights to help the old man revive.
We instructed Old Santa in the best way to lift
So his back would not hurt as he delivered his gifts.

As the days moved on, and the nights grew longer,
Old Santa was growing thinner and stronger.
No more was the old chap covered in lard
His thighs were now firm. His pecs were now hard.

Halloween and Thanksgiving soon passed by
And we knew St. Nick would be saying “Good-bye”
He was now without pain for the holiday season
And was sporting the form of an athlete mid-season

As he left, he gave the staff quite a thrill
We watched as he drove off, north on Koke Mill
Glancing back as he drove, in a manner most cool,
He exclaimed, “One and all, have a Fantastic Yule!”

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